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Cobra Kai Dojo - Karate Strike Like A Cobra Kai

Welcome to the Cobra Kai web site. I have changed the layout a little better so you can find the Cobra Kai Logo easier. I used to have up different pages of the site to try and make it look like the real Cobra Kai web page for the dojo, but people didn't seem to like it, and all they wanted was the Cobra Kai logo, or to see some of the uniforms to get ideas for Halloween.

The logo above is good enough for printing out. I hand-traced it from a screen grab of the original. Since I originally made it, there have been a lot of people who have made patches and T-Shirts, and there is even someone with an original patch who makes a great Cobra Kai replica patch. But hey, it still is good, and you can print it out as an iron on and make your own Cobra Kai Gear.

There are also a lot of costumes on, as well as on T Shirt sites around the Internet. Two of my favorites are shirts that say "Get him a body bag, yeah!" and "Sweep the leg!" True Cobra Kai gems.



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