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This web site started out for a simple reason: I thought it would be fun. And it was. And it is! It continues to be popular, especially around Halloween.

In about 2005 I wanted to make a Cobra Kai Costume. In fact I always wanted one since I saw the movies when I was a kid. But there were still no "exact" Karate uniforms that you could by. And defniitely no patches that looked decent. So I did the unthinkable. I sat down one Saturday morning, with a screen grab of the back of Johnny's gi - and traced out the logo in detail on the computer.

This high resolution photo is still available here on this web site. It isn't exact, but it was the closest anybody had at the time to the real Cobra Kai logo.

Fast forward until today. Now you can buy replica gi's on that are very close to the original. When I made mine, I went online to Karate supply stores and bought the same patches on the leg as the original gi, but now they even come with them attached!

So I linked up the logo on the home page and decided to make a "cute" web site that looked like it was the "real" Cobra Kai Dojo's web site. It was that - cute - but every Halloween people only wanted one thing - the logo. So, I decided to cut to the chase and offer the logo on the front page, and take down all the cutesy stuff.

I hope you approve.




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